Press Release - 19.03.2013


Florida Discovery Expedition: PUERTO RICO - FLORIDA: Expedicion Descubrimiento Florida 1513-2013

The idea is to commemorate the Fifth Centennial of the Discovery of Florida; USA  by Spanish Adventurer Juan Ponce de León, back in 1513
The record man and worldwide acclaimed Spanish Adventurer, Alvaro de Marichalar  will depart aboard a water-scooter (PWC/Jetski) from Puerto Rico on the 20th of March, and arrive in Saint Augustine, Florida on the 3d of April; exactly 500 years after Ponce de León's arrival at the same place.
Then he will navigate all the way to Miami.
1: San Juan -  Punta Cana           131 NM 
2: Punta Cana - Turks & Caicos    232 NM 
3: Turks & Caicos - Nassau          404 NM 
4: Nassau - San Agustín, Florida   357 NM
5: San Agustin - Cape Canaveral - Miami  500 NM
TOTAL: 1.624 NM 
The solo sailor will navigate aboard a tiny 9 ft (3m)vlength vessel called "NUMANCIA" an average of 14 hours per day, always standing up. He will stop at the islands he will find on his way in order to be able to rest, refuel and repair his small boat. As Alvaro has done since 1982, he will sleep several nights adrift aboard his jet ski.
The goal is to reach San Augustine exactly the same day Ponce de Leon arrived (April 3) 500 years later.
The crossing was recently launched in Madrid by U.S. Ambassador to Spain, Alan Solomont, who exposed the enormous potential of this unique Initiative in the development of the economic and cultural relations between the Kingdom of Spain and the United States of America: 
The Florida Discovery Expedition supports  Haiti Stands on its Feet:
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Among other expeditions, Alvaro crossed the Atlantic ocean aboard a jetski: